The Belt of Rahl

session five

So cody had the awesome idea to go after Thaegan’s treasure… which is buried under the empire in my crazy dungeon hahahaha!!!! so you guys entered the prison on level 1-1 and found some sleeping gnomes. 6 seconds later one was chopped in half by cody and the other flamethrowered by samir. win. Before continuing they decided to droop the gnome remains in a hole in the ground, which then started following them bwahahaha and snuggled up to cody as he slept. You ran into some crazy demons and other creatures including a Gauth beholder. After taking an extended break, they continued into a room that had blood stains trailing from it. They found four gnomes controlling mechanical statues. They dispatched the gnomes and used the statues controls to try to kill each others statues haha. THE HOLE WILL GET YOU NEXT TIME!!!! gg



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