Game Plot summary… Before the tribes united, many, many years ago, there was a great evil that descended upon the land. A powerful Lich, Grazuul sought to marshal the forces from hell and purge the world of the living. The six main tribes that stood opposed to this threat were the humans, the elves, the eladrin, the dwarves, the dragon born, and the Tieflings, each of which had a powerful magical stone that gave unique powers to their people. As the war raged on and each of the six tribes’ defenses drew thinner, a great black smith named Altheran Rahl from the human tribe went to each of the tribes lands, and gathered their precious magical stones in the name of survival. The diamond, brought with him from the human tribe, has the power to enhance fighters abilities when dealing with creatures from the underworld. the Ruby, gathered from the Dragon Born tribe, which increases their power over fire. The Opal, bestowed upon Rahl by the mysterious Eladrin, which has power over life. The Topaz, acquired from the Tieflings, which enhances control over lightning, The Emerald, reluctantly given to Rahl by the Elves, which ensures a poisony death to all enemies. The Lapis Lazuli, and the Amethyst given by the dwarves, which increase the power over cold, combined with pure brute strength. He took these magical stones, and smelt a belt to fit them on to. Once wearing the belt, with all seven fastened on, the great hero smote the Lytch overlord and marshaled the forces necessary to send his minions back to the pit. Over time though, with the great victory in the distant past, the lands, once united in friendship, grew petty and corrupt. The evil ones are banished, they thought, why not separate the stones from the belt? A plague of nationalism swept the land and the stones were returned to their original tribes. The once great land of Orthorus was now just scattered tribes of cowardly, selfish fools, ripe for an attack by an unseen, patient enemy. The Magicians Keep, the last bastion of true hope for the lands, heard that the belt had been separated into individual components again, and realized what was going to happen. Panicked people flooded to the Keep bringing news about the fall of the dragon born tribe, and the loss of the powerful ruby. News came flooding in over the next few weeks of precise attacks at the heart of each mighty tribe, and the loss of each stone. In desperation, the Magicians sent out as many messengers as they could, to call for a mass retreat onto the island of Valhin. As they waited for what they thought would be the last of the survivors, they conjured special magic over the sand that composed the only bridge to Valhin, as well as a powerful warding barrier around the island, preventing any form of sea attack from reaching the islands’ safety. They watched as stragglers ran for their lives across the sand bridge, and were mercilessly slain by the invading undead horde. The lead magician of the magicians council stepped onto the bridge, in front of the invading horde, and lit the magical sand on fire. The fire burned so hot, and so long, that it ate away the entire bridge, and continued burning down past the planets crust into the mantle. After this event the remaining members of the tribes coexisted in a forced peace on this last chunk of land that supported the only known life on the planet. For centuries now, they have lived and prospered together, except for the attacks by flying demons, but unrest is being caused by a new movement with a human extremist, Catherine, the Undeterminable, as its face. She was trying to rally the people into reasoning with the dead armies that is thought to be encamped on the beaches of the Magicians Keep, to ensure the mutual existence of both parties, and keep peace. She was quickly replaced, by Roark The Vanquisher from the dragon born clan and was never seen again. He is pressing for a war against the undead, and to gather the stones and place them on the mighty belt of Rahl, the first step being to reclaim the Magicians Keep and the knowledge kept there. Roark has recruits in every town, searching for warriors with skill to take with him for the invasion of the old world. It is in this day and age that you are in. It is up to you to forge your destinies and reclaim what was once your ancestors.

The story so far… So you guys met in line at the center of commerce building in Valhin, while enlisting in Roarks army. After facing flying monsters you courageously saved politicians from a burning building. You made your way to the magicians keep, fighting a small army, gnomes, and goblins, and recovered the belt of Rahl. You stole out of the keep through a secret passage and traveled out of the forest. You solved the difficult puzzles of the bridge guardian, setting him free. You then saved a dwarf from a goblin patrol, and were captured by Jin, and Jod. After finding out that they were growing daemons, you slew them as well as Jin and Jod. You escaped with the dwarf, who led you to Raladin, where you spent several days. Manus, the dwarf, then led you to the Lake of tears, where you freed Soldeen and the city of D’Or by killing Thaegan, which removed the curse of the lake. You recovered the diamond, and were pulled off course by the light of Thaegan’s golden treasure.

The Belt of Rahl